You are a Miracle

Featured¬†Image courtesy of ‘geralt‘ at Pixabay

We are all special. The rarest and most precious substance in the known universe – sentience. As Carl Sagan said, “we are a way for the cosmos to know itself”. We are matter and energy give form and free thought. Literal miracles. Information processing that has risen above and beyond the properties of its substrates to develop qualities of its own.

We are independent of the chemical processes that breathe fire into what is dead and make it living. We are the universe given the power to break free of the shackles that bind all other potential universes. We are unique, and precious in all the multiverse, in that we can twist and harness the laws of nature for our own gain. We are not destined to spend all eternity oblivious to the larger picture. We are dreamers and creators. We are in this universe but this universe is also in us.

The next time you feel down or not so special, remember that just by breathing you are defying the standards to which all other matter is held. Your thoughts are magical, your actions are revolutionary. There is no better demonstration of the power and awesomeness of nature than you getting up in the morning and defying entropy. You are a miracle.

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