video Invisible Physics: the Air we Breathe

So we’re back after having finished our mid-year exams. And to kick off our return, here is an awesome science experiment by Veritasium which, in theory, you could do at home! If anyone is willing to try, let us know in the comments. It certainly looks like something everyone should try at least once in their lives, for the sheer thrill of experiencing this hidden world!


AstroSisters aims to be a casual platform for bringing science to our friends, family and the general public at large in both exciting and pretty normal ways. Sometimes we’ll just share pictures, videos or news stories. Other times we’ll write speculative essays on the nature of life and the universe. Occasionally, we may sit down and attempt to explain some of the more complicated physics concepts in simple, easily-relatable language. We may even just share “thoughts of the day”. Whatever comes to mind. Ultimately, we hope to provide a window into the eyes of an Astro student and the sorts of things that make us tick and give meaning to our lives.

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