Greetings, fellow Earthlings! Welcome to AstroSisters, a new Astronomy/Astrophysics blog that is just taking off. Most of you will have heard about this through Facebook or word of mouth and probably know us in person, but there may be the occasional (hopefully less and less occasional) human being who genuinely stumbles in upon this blog from the blogosphere, so we’ll start by telling a little bit about who we are.

We’re Emily and Rozeena, and the two of us have been studying Astronomy and Astrophysics together at Wits University (Johannesburg, South Africa) since the beginning of 2015. One of the things that initially drew us together – and has ensured we’ve been besties ever since we met! – is the mutual passion we both share for science and the cosmos in general.

We would often marvel together at some of the craziest and coolest science news of the week, staring in shock as the world carried on as normal, completely unfazed by the spectacular happenings around them. Sometimes it would just be a particular Eureka! moment we’d both share in class as we learnt something new, shining a light on things that we took for granted.

Science is cool guys, and we’ve wanted to share it with everyone else for quite a while!

That is why we are starting this blog. AstroSisters aims to be a casual platform for bringing science to our friends, family and the general public at large in both exciting and pretty normal ways. For this reason, the register and formality of our posts will tend to vary. Sometimes we’ll just share pictures, videos or news stories. Other times we’ll write speculative essays on the nature of life and the universe. Occasionally, we may sit down and attempt to explain some of the more complicated physics concepts in simple, easily-relatable language. We may even just share “thoughts of the day”. Whatever comes to mind. Ultimately, we hope to provide a window into the eyes of an Astro student and the sorts of things that make us tick and give meaning to our lives.

Really, we just want to share science and the cosmos with you! Some of the things that we are privileged enough to see and study are hardly ever exposed to the average person.

We want to show you what we find so amazing about this universe. Why it is that we are so passionate about the cosmos. There’s a kind of spirituality here that we feel everyone should have a chance to experience, and if you come along with us, hopefully we can give you a glimpse of this hidden universe!

Please feel free to subscribe or to share the word. If you would like to get hold of us, please feel free to email us at astrosisters15@gmail.com or leave a message on our contact page. We welcome all comments, feedback and criticisms of our blog posts, and look forward to hearing from you!